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At Olive Rose Interiors we focus on

 creating ideal environments for our clients by designing sophisticated spaces for both residential and corporate interiors.


We pride ourselves in creating uniquely tailored successful interior design, which is measured by the value it adds to the users of the space.  The value of our  design can be seen by the positive experience it creates for our clients.

About the Designer

Olive Rose Interiors is lead by Interior Designer Olivia Gomes.  She gained over 9 years experience in the interior design industry as she worked alongside award winning Namibian architects. 

During this time she designed high end residential homes and corporate interiors, some of which have been published in the Digest of Namibian Architecture.  


Full turn-key Interior Design

Interior Design Concepts and 3D visualisation

Effective Space planning

Full tern-key Interior Decor 





"In April 2018 I moved offices within the same building and did not want the traditional "old furniture shift around to make it fit" look anymore. I do run a professional insurance practice, and my office had to have the look of stability, trust and service delivery. I asked for recommendations on Facebook and a friend tagged Olive Rose Interiors in my posts amongst about 6 other tags. She was the first, and also the only person, to send me a message asking if she could help.

Her first impression was great, and from there it was just smooth sailing. I told her what I needed, that the budget was very very tight and she had to put together something that would fit nicely into what I do, and that my eagles were very important career milestones. I was very impressed with the design she came up with, and she incorporated existing furniture into the new design, which saved us some money too. Her dedication to my office was of the highest standards, she would personally attend to hickups like wood that was no longer in stock, etc.

Overall, the combination of design, execution, research and price is really what kept me happy. I would recommend her for any job, big or small."

- Danny Beukes

Senior Financial Advisor

DC Blue Star Sanlam

" I am sitting here, in my new entertainment area, on one of the chairs she sourced for me, thinking how glad I am for contacting her when we renovated our house in the beginning of the year. Choosing paint, floors and furniture doesn't have to be confusing, when you have an interior designer like Olivia to assist you. It was such a pleasure to work with her. 


After renovations, Olive Rose Interiors helped us transform our old house into our dream house. Her innate ability to understand my style needs and preferences was on point. From meet and greet, one week later we had fully sourced concept boards with furniture, colors and textures to choose from, making it so much easier to see the bigger picture. 


Olivia is very professional to work with, her communication and feedback is quick and no time is wasted with follow ups on suppliers.


She has given us such good advice to what does, and doesn't work and we are forever grateful."

- Nelmarie Simon

“Olivia has been a pleasure to work with and has made the process of staging our showhouses an incredibly smooth process. She has been fantastic at providing us with a modern and clean look for our showhouses and is able to furnish the unit in a way that allows our properties to sell or rent themselves. Olivia is also a great communicator and has been extremely professional in my dealings with her. I would strongly recommend Olivia to anyone considering using her services on an interiors project.

- Andreas Gerdes



M: +264 81 308 7490

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